2019-11-15 13:36:42

Analysis on the surface of bucket tooth wear

In general, the bucket tooth manufacturing material and ore will interact, so in the process of excavation, the edges and corners of ore will inevitably rub against each other at the tip of the bucket tooth, thus forming an impact pit. In the long run, there will be deformation layer on the surface of bucket teeth, among which the wear deformation layer with metal folding property is one of the most serious ones. Through the analysis of the wear sub surface layer, we can see that the wear phenomenon usually appears in the deep surface layer of the grinding groove, which is bright white structure. The bright white layer has a great destructive effect on the bucket tooth parts, which makes the adiabatic shear layer prone to plastic instability and other phenomena, resulting in the temperature of the metal surface layer rising, making the steel material soften gradually, accelerating the deformation of the bucket tooth.

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