2019-06-18 13:14:07

Artificial nursing of bucket teeth

With the increasing use of mechanical equipment. They can be found in many parts of our lives. Natural wastage will increase with more use, so how to reduce the wastage through some manual care?


First, tidy up and protect. After using the bucket teeth at ordinary times, we should not rush to keep them or blindly seal them. The best way is to arrange and protect them. It is worth noting that when finishing, pollutants, dust and impurities should be removed, and the edges and corners of the thing should be restored to cleanliness, so that they will have very good operating conditions in the next work.


Second, repair and protection. After the bucket teeth are used in peacetime, we should also pay attention to checking them. When they touch various kinds of soil, they will inevitably wear out or break down. For this reason, we should find out the problems in time, so that we can repair them very well, and then finish the guarantee of protection.


So, when we use the bucket, we can protect it according to the above tips. This is the basic trick to protect them in peacetime, and it is a good condition to ensure the lasting use of the thing.