2019-09-20 14:24:13

How to Prevent the Burning Damage of Excavator

As people use excavators more and more frequently, which makes excavators vulnerable to damage, how can we avoid damage? Now let the excavator bucket teeth for your simple explanation!


1. Battery wire pile head contacts badly, contact surface oxidizes, excavator bucket teeth, computer board CPU and instrumentation damage probability is greatly increased, the same as household electrical principles, if the safe box contacts badly or switch contacts badly, the light bulb is always light and dark change is easy to burn out. The electrical system on the excavator is the same as that of the household appliances, so it is necessary to pay attention to whether the contact of the battery pile head is reliable.


2. Battery wiring reversal, excavator bucket teeth is a serious mistake, the damage rate is very high, lightly burning fused wire, heavily burning the power circuit and CPU of computer panel instrument, and some excavator wiring with diodes, power supply positive and negative pole reversal connection, basic these diodes will also be burnt out, fuse is bound to be unavoidable.


3. Accelerator motor malfunction or abnormal operation. The accelerometer motor used by excavator has DC motor and stepper motor. If the motor is overheated and short-circuited, it is very easy to burn out the control circuit part of the computer plate throttle. This is an inevitable malfunction. At ordinary times, more attention should be paid to keeping the accelerometer motor assembly of excavator clean and the probability of malfunction. When the bucket teeth of the excavator are powered on, the throttle motor connecting rod of the excavator cannot be pulled. If the throttle control rod is to be moved vigorously, it is very likely that the computer board of the excavator will be burnt out.


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