2019-12-11 13:17:04

Consequences of poor assembly of bucket teeth and bucket lips of electric excavators

Electric excavator is the main equipment of mining production. The assembly of bucket teeth and bucket lips in its working device is directly related to the safety and efficiency in the use process.

According to the design and application requirements: after the bucket teeth and the bucket lip are assembled, the contact surface between the inner cavity of the bucket teeth and the outer contour of the bucket lip should be more than 75%. However, in the early stage when the electric excavator is put into use, the bucket teeth and bucket lips are all original new parts. After several times of replacement of new parts, the bucket lips are slightly worn, which will not be noticed at this time. After further use for a period of time, the wear of the bucket lip becomes heavier and the geometric dimension becomes smaller. Even if a new bucket tooth is installed, it will loose. Especially when the bucket tooth parts are not produced by the original electric excavator manufacturer, due to a variety of reasons, the inner cavity of the bucket tooth cannot be fully guaranteed to be consistent with the design size of the original manufacturer, and it will be more loose after assembly. Continue to work under the above two loosening conditions, which will break or fall off the bucket teeth in serious cases, and easily cause serious accidents such as belt cutting of crusher.