2019-08-05 16:52:32

How to Solve Bucket Tooth Sticking Sand

Usually when making bucket teeth castings, the steel consumes higher temperature and the pouring temperature is too high, which also leads to greater erosion of the casting mould, and the formation of oxides is easy to react with the sand mould, thus causing sand sticking phenomenon.


In order to solve the problem of rough surface of bucket teeth, fine sand can be selected. If a single sand shape is used, then the amount of clay in the surface sand needs to be controlled. The permeability of the surface sand should be properly lowered to ensure the smooth surface of the castings.


Secondly, in order to solve the bonding problem of bucket teeth castings, the silicon dioxide content in the raw sand of steel castings with too high pouring temperature should be higher than 92%. However, the presence of silica will lead to the lack of buffer material in sand mold, which will easily lead to sand inclusion in castings, so the use of recycled sand can not be too much, and new sand can be added in production in time.


Thirdly, in order to prevent the bucket teeth from sand hole defects, some starch materials can be added to the moulding sand or some reinforcing agents can be sprayed on the surface of the moulding sand to improve the strength of the sand.


Fourth, the compactness of sand moulds is required. One of the reasons for the phenomenon of sand sticking is that the compactness and uniformity of sand moulds are required not only at corners, but also at corners.


Fifthly, anti-sticking coatings can be applied on bucket teeth, evenly applied in areas prone to sticking sand, and ensure thickness, so as to change the tension between metal liquids and solve the sticking sand problem.


Sixth, when pouring, attention should be paid to riser setting to avoid local overheating, or to avoid direct impact of pouring on the mold wall.


Finally, the pouring temperature of bucket teeth casting can be reduced appropriately, but this is appropriate on the premise that the casting can be guaranteed to be completed.

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