2019-08-23 15:44:53

How to prolong the service life of bucket teeth of excavators?

Attention should be paid to several points in use to prolong the service life of bucket teeth.


(1) In the process of using bucket teeth of excavator, the wear of bucket teeth at the outermost part of the bucket is 30% faster than that at the inmost part. It is suggested that the bucket teeth should be replaced inside and outside after a period of time.


(2) The driving method of excavator driver is also very important to improve the utilization rate of bucket teeth. When the excavator driver lifts his arm, he should not take back the bucket. If the driver lifts his arm while taking back the bucket, the bucket teeth will be pulled upward and the bucket teeth will be torn apart from the top. Bucket teeth tear, this operation should pay special attention to the coordination of action. Some excavator drivers often use too much force in the action of enlarging arm and sending arm. They "knock" the bucket onto the rock quickly or throw the bucket on the rock forcefully, which will crush the bucket teeth, or easily crack the bucket and damage the big and small arms.


(3) The wear condition of the tooth base is also very important for the service life of bucket teeth of excavators. It is suggested that the tooth base be replaced after 10% wear of the tooth base. Because there is a large gap between the worn tooth base and bucket teeth, the matching between the bucket teeth and the tooth base and the stress point have changed, and the bucket teeth are broken due to the change of the stress point.


(4) The excavator driver should pay attention to the angle of excavation during operation. When excavating, he should master it as far as possible. When excavating the bucket teeth, the bucket teeth are perpendicular to the working face, or the dip angle is not more than 120 degrees, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to the excessive dip angle. Also pay attention not to swing the excavation arm left and right in the case of greater resistance, which will cause the bucket teeth and the teeth seat to break because of the excessive left and right force, because most types of bucket teeth design mechanics principle, did not consider the left and right force design.


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