2019-06-25 09:00:11

How to distinguish the quality of bucket teeth

With people's continuous updating and innovation of various products, new products continue to enter the market, a variety of products dazzling, at this time, how can we distinguish between good and bad products? Now let Komatsu Bucket Teeth for you to briefly introduce it!


First, pure bucket teeth are cast with marks and grades; counterfeit or without marks or marks are rough.


Secondly, the side wall of the pure bucket teeth is thicker, and the seat slot fits closely with the heel; the counterfeit wall is thinner, and the gap between the seat slot and the front part of the tooth heel is generally too large.


Thirdly, the weight of pure bucket teeth is 6KG (220-5 for example), and the counterfeit teeth are generally about 4KG. Counterfeit bucket teeth are not strong enough, wear-resistant and easy to fracture. There are errors in the casting of the meshing part with the root of the tooth, which can easily cause installation difficulties or bucket teeth falling off when excavating due to excessive clearance. Moreover, the use of counterfeit bucket teeth will increase the driver's labor intensity and affect work efficiency.


Finally, the harmfulness of using counterfeit nozzles is introduced. The fake nozzles have poor processing accuracy, which can cause poor atomization, dropping oil, sticking and other phenomena, resulting in black smoke from engines. It accelerates the early wear and tear of engine parts and causes great losses.


  Huangzuan Machinery established in 2008, is a specialized manufacturer of bucket teeth, bucket adaptor and side cutter which is used Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Daewoo, Kobelco, Hensley, Liugong, Hitachi, XCMG, XGMA, Volvo, JCB .etc.

 With production facilities covering an area of 18136 square meters and staff of 100, our annual processing capability equals approximately 12,000 metric tons. we currently have the technology of lost wax casting, precoated sand casting, resin sand casting, have the advanced instrument such as spectromaxx, Brinell hardness tester, universal testing machine, metalloscope.