2019-12-04 13:06:00

The method of stabilizing the bucket teeth and the bucket lip after assembly

1. During the installation of the new electric excavator, the geometric dimensions of the assembly joint between the inner cavity of the fighting teeth and the outer part of the bucket lip shall be accurately measured, and the template shall be made, which shall be repeatedly inspected and corrected with the real object, and finally the drawing shall be drawn.

2. Use the bucket tooth template to check whether the assembly parts of the new bucket tooth accessories are qualified, and use the bucket lip template to check the wear of the bucket lip in the middle and later stages of bucket use. If the bucket lip is worn to a certain extent, the worn parts shall be overlaid in time when the maintenance and repair of the equipment is intermittent or when the bucket teeth are replaced, and the worn parts shall be polished to be consistent with the sample plate, and then the new bucket teeth shall be installed.

In this way, in the whole use process of the electric excavator, it can keep a long-term careful inspection and repair, and always keep the close cooperation between the bucket teeth and the bucket lip, which will make the electric excavator shovel shovel work safely and efficiently.