2019-08-26 09:43:05

How to avoid unreasonable wear of bucket teeth

The proper and scientific operation method in normal operation can ensure that the bucket teeth of excavator will not appear unreasonable wear and tear, improve work efficiency and service life of bucket teeth.


One: In the excavation work, the bucket teeth are at the front of the bucket, so these bucket teeth will contact the material first. If the initial excavation speed is too fast, because of the huge impact between the material and the bucket teeth, it will easily damage the bucket teeth and cause unnecessary damage. Therefore, the excavation rate must be controlled well during the excavation operation. Never blindly construct, so as to avoid serious damage to the fuselage caused by brute force operation.


2. When excavating, with the increase of excavation depth, the bucket teeth of excavators will also suffer more serious wear and tear due to the change of soil quality. Due to inappropriate force, bucket teeth of excavators may be easily damaged due to the influence of pressure. In order to avoid this problem, in deep excavation, in addition to the need to do a good job in controlling the excavation strength, we must also reasonably grasp the direction and angle of excavation, to avoid vulnerable parts from being hurt by external forces.


Third: In the excavation of some hard materials, if the volume of the material is large, in order to be more convenient to operate, first need to be destroyed, and then the corresponding operation. In some practical work, in order to improve efficiency, many drivers often use the bucket directly to destroy the material. Although this method can also play an effect, but in the long run, the bucket teeth of excavator will easily be damaged. Therefore, in order to do a good job in maintenance, it is best to use professional crushing tools in crushing operations, so as to improve efficiency, construction machinery can be well protected.


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