2019-08-20 08:45:17

How to identify vulnerable parts commonly used in excavators when purchasing

In the process of excavator operation, the use of pure parts can not only reduce the operating cost of the whole machine, but also prolong the service life, and ultimately protect the vital interests of consumers. In order to prevent consumers from harming by misusing non-pure products, we will introduce the authenticity identification methods of three filters, bucket teeth and nozzles which are often used in the operation of equipment.


Firstly, the appearance identification methods of pure and counterfeit air filter elements are introduced.


First, the holes on the outside of the pure steel wire mesh are evenly spaced and painted with white anti-rust paint. The counterfeit products are usually just ordinary wire mesh, and steel plate holes are sparse, sometimes there are broken holes.


Secondly, the welding surface is very uniform at the joint of the inner steel wire mesh of the genuine product, while most of the counterfeit products adopt spot welding method, overlapping steel wire mesh is longer and one side is warped. The counterfeit air filter only imitates the geometric size and appearance of the real product, but it can not meet the engineering standard requirements of the filter at all, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced.


Thirdly, the color of pure filter paper is milky white, the paper is delicate, the upper and lower lines are arranged neatly, without distortion; the color of counterfeit filter paper is sulfur or other color, the paper is rough, the upper and lower lines are limited by the conditions of assembly, the filter paper is extruded and the lines are bent. The poor ash capacity of filter paper is too high, which will cause more impurities to enter the engine system, resulting in engine overhaul ahead of time.


Fourth, pure air filters have the manufacturer's factory number at the bottom of both internal and external filters, while counterfeit ones do not.


Now, introduce the appearance identification methods of pure and counterfeit products of wood filter and machine filter.


Firstly, the pure product's surface is bright and tidy, and the counterfeit color is dim. Because of the poor material of the shell steel plate, there are spots.


Secondly, the bottom hole of the pure product is uniform and the silk mouth is smooth; the drill hole layout of the counterfeit product is asymmetric and the silk mouth has burrs. If burrs or tiny metal impurities exist, they will directly enter the engine system, causing scratches and wear of precision components.


Thirdly, pure filter paper is bonded with metal clamps at the beginning and end, while counterfeit ones are mostly sewn with staple needles or thread. Most of the counterfeit filters have short circuit in the filter core and impurities enter the engine system directly without passing through the filter paper. The reason is that the end of the filter paper is not firmly bonded. This kind of harm is very serious.


Next, the appearance identification methods of the pure and counterfeit bucket teeth are introduced.


First, pure bucket teeth are cast with marks and grades; counterfeit or without marks or marks are rough.


Secondly, the side wall of the pure bucket teeth is thicker, and the seat slot fits closely with the heel; the counterfeit wall is thinner, and the gap between the seat slot and the front part of the tooth heel is generally too large.


Thirdly, the weight of pure bucket teeth is 6KG (220-5 for example), and the counterfeit teeth are generally about 4KG. Counterfeit bucket teeth are not strong enough, wear-resistant and easy to fracture. There are errors in the casting of the meshing part with the root of the tooth, which can easily cause installation difficulties or bucket teeth falling off when excavating due to excessive clearance. Moreover, the use of counterfeit bucket teeth will increase the driver's labor intensity and affect work efficiency.


Finally, the harmfulness of using counterfeit nozzles is introduced.


The fake injector has poor processing accuracy, which will cause poor atomization, dropping oil, sticking and other phenomena, resulting in black smoke from the engine. It accelerates the early wear and tear of engine parts and causes great losses.


Through the above introduction of the authenticity and harmfulness of spare parts for daily maintenance needs, I believe that consumers have a deeper understanding. The value of these parts is relatively low, but their harm to the whole equipment is tens or even hundreds of times. Therefore, we hope that consumers can actively safeguard their rights and interests, avoid negligence, resolutely away from counterfeit products, and choose pure products.


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