2019-06-28 17:25:21

Bucket Teeth Types and Characteristics

Through a lot of practice, it has been proved that there are many factors affecting the service life of bucket teeth. Besides the ore structure, the degree of hardness and softness, the blasting situation and the maintenance of excavators and the operation level of drivers, the structure and shape of bucket teeth have a great influence. With the rapid development of computer technology, finite element analysis and other technologies have been widely used in product structure design. The structure and shape of bucket teeth manufactured by bucket teeth manufacturers have been finalized and serialized, so the material and manufacturing process methods have become the main research contents.


At present, the bucket teeth produced by domestic bucket teeth manufacturers are mainly used in the following several kinds of mines, below we will specifically understand:


1. The bucket teeth of high manganese steel and high manganese steel are the earliest and most widely used bucket teeth in the world. The steel selected by bucket teeth manufacturer is a single austenite structure. Its remarkable feature is that it has a strong work hardening ability. Under the condition of strong impact or gravity extrusion, the surface hardening occurs, and the hardness is much higher than before. This high hardness surface layer makes the bucket teeth have good wear resistance, while the internal throwing keeps good toughness. The bucket teeth manufactured by bucket teeth manufacturer are suitable for use under impact or extrusion conditions, but not suitable for excavating soft minerals such as coal or soil.


2. Surfacing bucket teeth manufactured by surfacing bucket teeth manufacturer is a method to improve the wear resistance of bucket teeth by surfacing a layer of cemented carbide on the base of carbon steel or alloy steel. This kind of bucket teeth has a hard surface and good toughness in the core. It is suitable for excavating soft ore or medium hardness ore. This process can make the wear-resistant layer of bucket teeth worn to a certain extent, disassemble and re-surfacing wear-resistant alloy and use it many times. It is convenient, flexible, low cost and strong applicability, so it has a great competitive advantage. Due to the manufacturing process characteristics of bucket teeth manufactured by bucket teeth manufacturers and the maturity of surface strengthening treatment technology, surfacing bucket teeth have become a product with wide applicability and great potential for development.


3. The manufacturing method of inlaid bucket teeth in bucket teeth manufacturer is to use whole block of high chromium cast iron or WC cemented carbide to pour bucket teeth together to help the head of bucket teeth, so as to improve the wear resistance of bucket teeth. Because of the poor inclusion between the inlay block and the matrix, this method is prone to crack during heat treatment, and the process is not yet mature, which needs further study.


4. The bucket teeth of alloy structural steel have two forms: integral bucket teeth and combined bucket teeth. Especially the combined bucket teeth, which have novel design structure and convenient replacement of tooth caps, have broad market prospects. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing process is complex, especially the combination of the bucket teeth seat and the cap requires higher precision, the casting and heat treatment process is difficult to control, and the bucket teeth producer has a higher cost of manufacturing this kind of bucket teeth.


In summary, according to the production characteristics of bucket excavator and combined with the conditions of mining medium hardness ore, bucket teeth manufacturers usually choose surfacing bucket teeth as the main research.


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