2019-11-19 09:34:35

Material of large excavator in mine

In mining, the bucket teeth of excavators are usually made of high manganese steel. However, due to the poor geographical environment in mining operations, excavators often need to excavate hard ore, which speeds up the wear rate of bucket teeth of excavators, making bucket teeth appear bald, and then bucket teeth fail, or even break. According to relevant data, there are about 2000-2500 large-scale mining excavators in normal operation in China, and the economic loss caused by bucket tooth wear is about 30 million yuan / year.

There are two kinds of bucket tooth materials. The first one is low alloy anti-wear bucket tooth. The material composition is shown in Table 1. It can be seen from the table that its carbon content is less, so the anti-wear ability of the bucket teeth is not ideal. The second material is the bucket tooth with high silicon strength and wear resistance. All of the above materials have limitations, and the composite bucket teeth mainly choose low-alloy white cast iron, high carbon cast iron and other materials with good wear resistance, which has good practical value.

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