2019-06-13 09:17:33

Correct maintenance of excavator bucket

Bucket teeth are the terminal of excavator working device. Bucket teeth are the most loaded working parts during excavation. They belong to consumable parts. Especially in stone construction environment, the wear rate of bucket teeth is very fast. The use of bucket teeth, in fact, can also directly affect the efficiency of excavator and production costs.



When the wear of the tip part of the bucket teeth is serious, the force required for the excavator to cut in during the excavation operation will inevitably be greatly increased, resulting in greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the new bucket teeth in time when the loss of bucket teeth is serious.


In the daily maintenance of excavators, spend 2 minutes a day checking the bucket. The main inspection contents are: the scoop body is worn out and whether there are cracks. If the wear is serious, the reinforcement should be considered. As for the bucket body with cracks, welding repair should be carried out in time to avoid delayed maintenance and increase the length of cracks, resulting in the situation that can not be maintained. In addition, the bucket teeth should be kicked with the foot to check whether the bucket ruler is stable. If the bucket teeth are loose, they should be fastened immediately.


Correct maintenance of excavator bucket, bucket teeth is the key!


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