2019-07-26 10:30:26

Selection of Bucket Tooth Welding Materials

In order to improve the wear resistance of bucket teeth, it is necessary to select reasonable welding materials during surfacing. The selection principle of surfacing welding material for high manganese steel base material is to select surfacing alloy material with high hardness and good wear resistance as long as it can withstand material impact and large impact load during use. For example, the surface surfacing of bucket teeth used in very strong collision environment should use austenitic manganese steel surfacing alloy material.


Most of the matrix materials of bucket teeth are austenitic high manganese steel (steel No. ZGMn13), so EDMn-B-16 (brand D266) high manganese steel surfacing electrode is selected for welding repair. The filling metal of this kind of electrode is austenitic high manganese steel, and molybdenum is added to the filling metal, which improves the crack resistance and wear resistance of the weld metal. Therefore, the surface of the bucket teeth after surfacing with this electrode has the characteristics of work hardening, high toughness and good wear resistance. The hardness of the surfacing metal surface can reach HB < 170.


Because ZGMn13 belongs to high carbon steel, its weldability is poor: on the one hand, carbides are easy to precipitate in the heat affected zone of welding, which leads to material embrittlement; on the other hand, the tendency of hot cracking in weld is serious, especially in the near weld zone, which is prone to liquefaction cracking. Therefore, before welding, reasonable welding process should be formulated to ensure the quality of surfacing metal layer and reduce the occurrence of welding defects.


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