2019-08-12 16:05:33

Loader bucket belongs to structural parts products!

Loader bucket belongs to structural parts products. It consists of toothed base plate, bottom plate, side plate, wallboard, hanging ear plate, back plate, bucket ear plate, bucket ear cover, bucket teeth, tooth base, guard plate or bucket angle and other spare parts. It is an indispensable construction equipment nowadays, especially in construction site, and loader bucket is also very important. Here are three kinds of loader buckets.


Rock bucket


The material of tooth base plate and side edge plate is HARDOX, an ultra-high strength wear-resistant steel imported from Sweden. It is suitable for excavating hard soil, sub-hard stone, weathered stone or hard stone mixed with hard rock and loading ore after blasting.


Standard bucket


Domestic alloy steel Q345 is selected for excavation of general clay and loose soil and loading of sand, soil and gravel.


Strengthen the battle


The materials of tooth base plate and side edge plate in vulnerable parts are made of high strength wear-resistant steel NM360, which is suitable for excavating hard soil mixed with soft gravel or loading gravel.


Hydraulic oil has good emulsification resistance and foam resistance. Anti-emulsification refers to the ability of oil to be mixed with water and agitated to form an emulsion from which water can be separated. Bubble resistance refers to the ability of oil to separate bubbles from oil by mixing air and agitating to form emulsions. When mixed with water or air, the volume modulus of oil decreases, the compressibility increases, the hydraulic components of loaders move slowly, and they are prone to shock and vibration.


The selection of hydraulic oil for loader should consider good anti-oxidation stability. Antioxidant stability refers to the ability of low resistance to chemical reactions with oxygen-containing substances when the temperature of hydraulic oil increases. Practice shows that the chemical reaction rate of hydraulic oil increases by about twice with the increase of oil temperature by 10 C. Hydraulic oil with good anti-oxidation stability is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate when used for a long time in loader, which can ensure the normal circulation of hydraulic oil.


Appropriate viscosity of hydraulic oil. Viscosity is the magnitude of intermolecular friction resistance when oil flows. When the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too high, it will increase the transmission resistance in the pipeline, the energy loss in the working process of the medium and first heavy loader will increase, the no-load loss of the main engine will increase, the temperature will rise rapidly and the working temperature will be high. The phenomenon of "cavitation" may occur at the oil suction end of the main pump; if the viscosity of the hydraulic oil of the loader is too small, the good lubrication conditions will not be guaranteed. It aggravates the wear of parts and increases the leakage of the system, which results in the decrease of the volume efficiency of the oil pump.


Huangzuan Machinery established in 2008, is a specialized manufacturer of bucket teeth, bucket adaptor and side cutter which is used Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai, Daewoo, Kobelco, Hensley, Liugong, Hitachi, XCMG, XGMA, Volvo, JCB .etc.

 With production facilities covering an area of 18136 square meters and staff of 100, our annual processing capability equals approximately 12,000 metric tons. we currently have the technology of lost wax casting, precoated sand casting, resin sand casting, have the advanced instrument such as spectromaxx, Brinell hardness tester, universal testing machine, metalloscope.