2019-11-25 15:05:12

Reinforcement of excavator bucket

In the process of excavator operation, the bucket tooth is the working part with the largest load. The average service life of an excavator is 8 years, during which 4-5 buckets are consumed. Therefore, the bucket of excavator is a consumable part, especially in the stonework construction environment, the bucket tooth wear is very fast. When wear to a certain extent, we need to timely strengthen the bucket, which can effectively improve its service life.


1. Strengthen the protection of the bucket teeth: strengthen the mounting plate of the root of the teeth. If the reinforcement is not good here, the wear will be intensified, and the bucket teeth can not be installed. One method of reinforcement here is to stick stiffeners and the other is to wrap wear-resistant blocks. It is worth noting that the method of affixing stiffeners is simple and economical, but it is necessary to pay attention not to overlap welding with the weld of the tooth root during welding, which will affect the welding strength of the tooth root.


2. Side plate and side reinforcement: severe wear of the side plate will reduce the effective bucket capacity of the excavation bucket and affect the construction efficiency. At the same time, the bucket teeth also play the role of cutting materials and protecting the edge plate, so the bucket teeth need to be installed. Since the side is not a high wear area, the reinforcement of the side should not be too strong to avoid affecting the overall weight of the bucket.


3. Floor reinforcement: floor reinforcement is very necessary. After the paint of the new machine's bottom plate stiffener is ground off (about a week), the bottom plate can be reinforced again, so the welding effect is better. The stiffener of the bottom plate shall be made of hard and wear-resistant long plates, and the overall shape of the bucket shall be protected to avoid affecting the cutting angle and productivity. The welding of stiffener shall be overlapped on two plates along the welding direction of the original rib plate.

4. Reinforcement of the inner surface of the bucket: hardfacing is used for the reinforcement of the inner surface, although it takes a long time. But its wear resistance and effectiveness are the strongest, or you can choose to stick some stiffeners, not too much.

5. Strengthen the bucket effectively and firmly. The final hardfacing can also be used for reinforcement elsewhere. It is not advisable to strengthen the protection too much, and it is not advisable to lose the construction efficiency in order to protect the digging bucket.

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