2019-07-03 09:25:50

How to prolong bucket teeth life?

When the bucket teeth of excavator work, they first contact the mineral at a certain speed, which produces impact force; then the ore slides on the tooth surface under its own gravity and causes wear and tear. Therefore, the bucket teeth of excavator bear the combined action of impact force and high extrusion force. With the increase of the depth of the bucket teeth inserted into the ore heap, the load of the bucket teeth also increases.


Bucket teeth

When the bucket is turned over and loaded with ore, the high extrusion load is reduced to zero. Therefore, the loading mode of bucket teeth of excavator is a changing process from small to large and then from large to small.


The bucket tooth failure of excavator is caused by serious abrasive wear. The occurrence and development of abrasive wear are affected by two mechanisms, i. e. cutting plough mode and heap extrusion and rolling deformation mode. These two approaches are closely linked. Because of the complex working conditions in production, there are many ways of debris formation and loss, but the fundamental reason of debris formation is that two mechanisms play a role.


At present, most bucket teeth of excavators in China still use high manganese steel, so it is of great practical significance to further improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel and its economic benefits.


It is an economical and easy way to improve wear resistance of manganese steel bucket teeth by properly increasing carbon content and reducing phosphorus content. Composite multi-element alloying of high manganese steel bucket teeth is better than single alloying. Improving casting quality is the key to improve wear resistance of manganese steel bucket teeth.


Proper heat treatment process can help to further improve the wear resistance of rigid manganese steel bucket teeth, surface strengthening treatment can improve the wear resistance of manganese steel bucket teeth, and appropriate product structure can help to improve the service life of manganese steel bucket teeth.


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