2019-09-16 16:27:24

The Function of Bucket Tooth of Rotary Excavator and Operating Matters of Rotary Excavator

Rotary excavator will encounter many problems in the operation process, the most important part of which is the bucket teeth of the rotary excavator. If there is no bucket teeth of the rotary excavator, the whole rotary excavator will be paralysed. As a result, the progress of the project is affected. So what if we can avoid these problems? Let me give you a brief introduction.


1. During the construction of rotary drilling rigs, drill pipes in hard formations and friction drill pipes in soft formations must be strictly observed.


2 When the user confirms that the drilling is done for a long time in a certain formation, it is suggested to configure two sets of the same drill pipe for alternate use, so that the drill pipe can be maintained and repaired in time to ensure the construction progress of the user.


3. When the anti-torsion and anti-compression ability of the selected drill pipe is less than that of the output of the drill rig, appropriate measures must be taken to protect the drill pipe from damage.


Users use drill pipe. Please read the instructions first to avoid erroneous operation.


Above is a reminder of the operation of rotary excavator, if you still do not understand, welcome to visit our website for consultation and exchange.


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