2019-09-12 16:16:16

Excavation Skills of Excavators

With the advent of the era of mechanization, excavators are the most common equipment in various construction sites. Because of its high efficiency and wide operating range, it has become the preferred equipment for many operations. What skills do excavators have when excavating? Next let  Huangzuan Machinery Bucket Teeth teach you.


When excavating, there is a skill that the bucket rod cylinder is the main part and the boom cylinder is the auxiliary part. The angle of the bucket teeth should be adjusted according to the trajectory of the bucket rod. The bucket teeth must be inserted into the soil like a knife cutting vegetable, not "patted" into the soil.


When the Huangzuan Machinery bucket teeth are inserted to a certain depth, the bucket is completed and the arm is lifted. It's a perfect digging action.


If you dig along the edge of a soil, and the soil is relatively hard, it is better to cut the soil with only two or three bucket teeth, and then dig up together.


When loading trucks or other efficient operations, each bucket of excavation must be full. After lifting the bucket, stop all other actions as far as possible, and only do all the swing action alone, so that the swing action speed will be the fastest. When the excavator rotates, the bucket is not horizontal, but slightly opened, so that the soil will not be thrown out from behind the bucket because of inertia, and the bucket will open faster when it is unloaded.


From this we can see that a good excavator also needs good operation skills, through a variety of knowledge principles and experience skills, we can maximize the use of excavators to complete work.


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