2019-08-02 15:38:32

Wear-resistant composite bucket teeth

I. Cast-in Bucket Teeth

High toughness high manganese steel is generally used as base material in inlaying bucket teeth, and high chromium cast iron is used as inlay block. When it is used to dig f=16-18 ore on a shovel with a bucket capacity of 4 m, its service life is 2.44 times that of high manganese steel. By using high chromium cast iron to cast high manganese steel bucket teeth, the service life of the bucket teeth is prolonged by 50%.


2. Surfacing Bucket Teeth

Wear-resistant surfacing is characterized by surfacing a layer of wear-resistant alloy on the surface of parts of high manganese steel, carbon steel or alloy steel with certain strength and toughness, which not only reduces the requirements for the base material of bucket teeth, but also reduces the cost of materials. When high manganese steel is used as base material, high chromium cast iron alloy is usually surfacing on its surface. Surfacing a layer of chromium-aluminium electrodes or cemented carbide at the tip of high manganese steel teeth is suitable for excavating soft ore or medium hardness ore. Most bucket teeth of excavators in China are made of medium carbon and low alloy steel. It is better to wear-resistant surfacing before use. Generally, high chromium alloy cast iron and martensitic alloy cast iron surfacing electrodes are preferred. Laser surfacing has attracted much attention in recent years. It combines the laser surfacing layer with matrix metallurgy, refines the structure, and realizes selective surfacing.


3. Cast-infiltrated bucket teeth

Casting infiltration is also known as surface alloying or coating and coating casting. The service life of bucket teeth of excavators manufactured by this method in Russia has been prolonged by more than 50%.


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